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Manaslu Trek


Rising 8,163m, Mt. Manaslu lies just east of the famed Annapurna Region and shares a border with its northern neighbor Tibet. Opened to trekkers recently, Manaslu's unsurpassed beauty and rich cultural traditions offer the dedicated trekker a genuine adventure. This trekking trail offers brief glimpses into the simple lives and ancient ways of the areas inhabitants.

Here the trekking is moderately strenuous with ample opportunity to stop, relax and catch your breath amidst a land seemingly lost in an earlier era. In a few days, the Himalayas disappear from view as you descend into the Gandaki River Valley and proceed upstream. The Gandaki River is fed by innumerable rivers and waterfalls, and the rushing, rumbling tumult of the frigid waters accent the silence of towering pines and lush bamboo groves.

During the day, the sun shines with clear intensity, while the nights are a bit more than cold. Moreover, villages and people become less frequent as the trekking becomes fairly strenuous. At this point you are more likely to pass a yak, cow or a sheep along the trail, rather than a person.

Following Larkya Bazaar, the trail rises to over 5,200m as you cross the Larkya Pass under the glow of soft, winless moonlight and twinkling stars. Buttressed by peaks reaching over 6,500m and covered by snow year round, Larkya pass commands your utmost energies and respect.

Having crossed the pass, you will quickly descend through an area whose vegetation is at once both alpine and tropical. Long-needled pines are draped in soft, fine ferns. Maples and elms share the ground with bamboo.

Frigid, rocky streams are beached by cotton-white limestone sand, and glacier lakes glisten with an aqua-blue green. The colors, sights, silence and sounds embrace every turn of this gently sloping section of the trail.

Day 1
Fly to Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu and be met by a member of our crew. We will be driven to our Hotel and later go on a familiarization walk with one of our guides.
Check into Hotel.
Day 2
Spend the day on a guided tour of sacred Tibetan stupas and monasteries.
Overnight in Hotel.
Day 3
Jyamrung (1,400m/4,606ft)
Drive 96km (5 hrs) along the Trishuri River to Golbhanjyang, and than trek 1 hour (3km) along the ridge to Jyamrung Dada (dada is a hill). From here one can see the Massifs for Manaslu, Annapurna and Ganesh Himal.
Overnight stay in tents
Day 4
Phul Kharka (1,500m/4,935ft)
The day begins with an initial descent from camp to the Ankhu River Basin (800m/2,632ft) eventually meeting one of its tributaries, Baguwa Khola. The rest of the 15km (7 hrs) trek takes us up to Phul Kharka along terraced fields, thatched houses and rustic villages.
Overnight stay in tents
Day 5
Phul Kharka (1,500m/4,935ft)
The day begins with an initial descent from camp to the Ankhu River Basin (800m/2,632ft) eventually meeting one of its tributaries, Baguwa Khola. The rest of the 15km (7 hrs) trek takes us up to Phul Kharka along terraced fields, thatched houses and rustic villages.
Overnight stay in tents
Day 6
Manbu (1,400m/4,606ft)
Trek 20km (6 hrs). We begin with a gradual ascent to Majhuwa followed by a level path leading to Manbu. This path rises above the lower hills and has a nice view of Baudha Himal. Manbu itself is predominantly a Gurung Village, however along the way you will come across mixed villages of Brahmins, Chhetris and Tamangs.Â
Overnight stay in tents
Day 7
Machhikhola (1,750m/5,758ft)
This 15km (6 hrs) trek begins by descending to the Budhi Gandaki River, joining the main trekking route from Gorkha at Liding. From here it is a gradual ascent with a few creek crossings before reaching Machhikhola. You will see that the locals have constructed a pulley system as a means of transport to cross this river.
Overnight stay in tents
Day 8
Jagat (1,900m/6,251ft)
This 20km (7 hrs) trek takes us along the sandy banks of the Kali Gandaki River as we slowly ascend to Jagat, a clean and lovely little stone paved village with lots of flower gardens.
Overnight stay in tents
Day 9
Ngyak Beshi (1,950m/6,416ft)
Trek 17km (7 hrs) to Ngyak Beshi. The day begins by following the river bank again for the first hour up to Ghata Khola (ghata is a water mill). We then cross to the eastern bank before ascending to Philim, one of the few large settlements on this route and home to the Manaslu Conservation Area Project office. From here you can view Mt. Lapuchun (5,960m/19,608ft).
Overnight stay in tents
Day 10
Ghap (2,156m/7,093ft)
This 19km (7 hrs) trek takes us through a heavily forested area in a narrow valley until we reach the little settlement of Dang. We then cross the Budhi Gandaki River where the valley opens and we begin our ascent to Rana. The trail now takes us high above the river giving us views of the Manaslu Massif before descending to Ghap.
Overnight stay in tents
Day 11
Namrung (2,660m/8,751ft)
Today we will trek 13km (6 hrs) through a dense forested river valley finishing with a 40-minute ascent to Namrung. The campsites here are managed by the Manaslu Conservation Area Project.
Overnight stay in tents
Day 12
Samagaon (3,530m/11,614ft)
Trek 18km (8 hrs) through the forests to Samagaon, passing several Buddhist villages along the way. These areas have been influenced by the Tibetan culture due to its proximity to Tibet, and as a result you will find many monasteries, chortens and mani-walls. Having over one hundred and fifty houses, Samagaon is surprisingly large and bustles with the energy of remote village life. From Samagaon you can see Mt. Manaslu and the Kutang Himal Massif.
Overnight stay in tents
Day 13
Spend the day resting, exploring Pungen Gompa (4,200m/13,818ft) or trekking to Mt. Manaslu Base Camp (4,000m/13,160ft). Both day trips are roughly 4 hours round-trip. When leaving the village consider taking the brief one-hour side trip to see Lake Birendra, named after Nepal's past King who officially opened the area in 1992.
Overnight stay in tents
Day 14
Samdo (3,780m/12,436ft)
Trek 12km (3 hrs) along the river, before finally ascending at the end to Samdo. A short fifteen kilometers from the Tibetan border, Samdo is the site of a Tibetan refugee camp and affords you a rare glimpse into the lifestyle of the Tibetan people. This settlement is along the old salt-trading route with Tibet, and is still used today (though much less since the Chinese occupation of Tibet).
Overnight stay in tents
Day 15
Dharmashala (4,480m/14,739ft)
Trek 11km (4 hrs) to the west leaving the Budhi Gandaki River and entering a sparsely vegetated area. The trail rises high above the Larke Khola leading the all the way to Dharmashala where the trail finally meets the river.
Overnight stay in tents
Day 16
Bimtang (3,800m/12,502ft)
This is a more strenuous day as we trek 15km (8 hrs) over the Larkya Pass (5,213m/17,151ft). The terrain consists of glacial moraine with a lot of scree to scramble up and over.
Overnight stay in tents
Day 17
Tilje (2,800m/9,212ft)
We will trek 18km (7 hrs), making a gradual descent through rhododendron and pine forest seeing the north face of Manaslu along the way. We will make camp in the apple orchards of Tilje.
Overnight stay in tents
Day 18
Tal (1,600m/5,264ft)
Trek 17km (6 hrs) along the Dudh Khola, a tributary of the Marsyangdi River, before arriving at the confluence in Dharapani. Here we join the Annapurna Circuit route and will be required to deposit any waste items we have collected from our trek. We will continue on to Tal where the river appears as a lake, and make camp next to a waterfall.
Overnight stay in tents
Day 19
Syange (1,100m/3,619ft)
rek 14km (6 hrs) down to the foothills of the Himalayas, returning to the lush terraced fields and the densely populated Hindu/Gurung Villages.
Overnight stay in tents
Day 20
Khudi (800m/2,632ft)
The days are now hotter and the final trek (20km/6 hrs) to Khudi will feel long, though the elevation is much lower. The terrain is easy and similar to the previous day. This is the last night of our trek, and we will definitely enjoy a hot bath at our riverside lodge.
Overnight in lodge
Day 21
Drive 200km (7 hrs) back to Kathmandu.
Check into hotel
Day 22
Depature from the airport.
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